We are a privately held clinical-stage biotechnology company focusing on the development and commercialization of a revolutionary new
immune therapy technology platform for the treatment of chronic viral infections, cancer and allergy.

Our Immune Therapies are designed to boost specific immune response in order to modify or control presently incurable diseases.

Our proprietary platform technology includes

1. disease-specific antigen optimized plasmid DNA,
2. a nanomedicine formulation which encapsulates the plasmid DNA to closely resemble a virus,
3. a topical (through the skin) administration device which delivers the vaccine via dendritic cell to lymph nodes
of the immune system, and
4. a Digital Personal Medicine companion diagnostic software product we call My Genetic Immunity, which is
built on blockchain technology. It allows users to find the optimal vaccine product for a given disease.

The combination of these technologies support the rapid and cost-effective development of original
biologic (as opposed to drugs) vaccine products.

Our Lead Therapeutic Vaccine for the treatment of HIV we refer to as “DermaVir”, is effective in
boosting immune response which kills HIV-infected cells. Our human clinical trials in Phase I, Phase I/II
and Phase II have demonstrated our vaccine is capable of killing HIV-infected cells. DermaVir has an excellent
safety profile (safe as placebo), and it may be used as a co-treatment option if administered
with antiretroviral therapy.

We are raising funds in our Initial Coin Offering to

1. complete the regulatory documentation needed to seek United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
guidance on the best path to receive marketing approval, for our HIV vaccine, which may including Breakthrough
Therapy Designation and/or Fast-track,and

2. to complete development of our My Genetic Immunity Personal Digital Medicine platform. My Genetic Immunity
uses blockchain to match viruses with the most optimal vaccine solution available for treatment, transparently,
accurately and effectively, protecting genetic information in a private chain, a genetic wallet, with both private
and public key structures.


Post approval our products will allow people to live better and longer lives.


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